Thursday, 23 January 2014

PHOTOSYNTHESIS BIKE ?? An Innovative Idea to Control Air Pollution

Clean and green well this title suits best for this bike .i.e., photosynthesis bike. We all studied in our fourth grade that photosynthesis is process in which clean oxygen is produced by green plants; this is exactly what this photosynthesis bike does.
Calories Vs Fuel:
Bi-cycle is the most efficient & effective modes of transportation let it be urban areas as well as any place for distance. Bi-cycle are 5 times more effective than walking or running.
In terms of calories, 100 calories on a bike can make a person travel 3 miles, but in a car 100 calories can take 300feet approx and 100 calories in bike 1km approx.

What if bikes of future could perform more than just taking a person from point A to point B, also involve is solving our rising problems of urban, filtering the polluted air just like our green trees?
The solution to this is question is solved by group of designers of the Bangkok based light fog creative & Design Company.
In photosynthesis bike, the filter rest in between the handle bars &  uses a “ photosynthesis system. To generate clean oxygen with a battery powered electric motor, the special thing about this bike is it even works when it is parked.

The photosynthesis bike is still in the drawing board , the sleek elegant design & innovative idea has already won the RED DOT design award, yet the designers haven’t even built the prototype, but planned to do so in near future

source: jetsngadgets

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Google Adsense Launches A New Ad Unit For Responsive Sites

Google launched a new responsive AdSense unit in beta that is specifically designed to run on sites that automatically adapt to different screen sizes. The units enable publishers to support multiple devices with responsive design web pages by letting them specify the size of the ad that will be served.
Publishers can simply create the unit, then modify the sample CSS media queries in the new ad code.
Google also warns that this is a beta option, and you should make sure to test these units on your website carefully. 
Here is a screen shot of the beta option in the ad unit setup:

Here are the items Google wants you to be aware of when it comes to this new beta ad unit:
  •     Be sure to specify fixed pixel values when setting the width and height of the ad to be served.
  •     Make sure that the specified width and height match one of our supported ad sizes. Please note that link unit sizes aren’t supported at the moment.
  •     The new ad code is responsive on initial page load only. Subsequent changes to the ad size, such as a screen orientation change, will not cause a new ad to be displayed. We know that this is an important feature for many of you and we’re currently working to address this.
  •     Always set a default ad size in case some media queries aren’t supported.

As Google notes, one thing that doesn’t work yet is support for screen orientation changes after a page has been loaded. Google plans to address this in the near future, however. For now, Google also can’t provide a breakdown by size for all the ads served by a responsive unit in its analytics tools. That, too, is something the company plans to introduce later.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

5 Smart ways to EARN MONEY by Selling Domain Names

5 smart ways to earn money by selling Domain NamesIf You have a domain name which you want to sell having a decent amount of Traffic and a good alexa and page rank, I will guide you to get the Best Price for your domain name. Through this way, not only you will get Money, you will also get a good amount of traffic too. So here is a good way to Earn Money online by Selling Domain Names.


This is the Best Website I could tell to sell your domain name to get the best price. Sedo have more than 10 million domains and thousands of domains are bought everyday. There you will find a good amount of bidders who wants to buy domains online. SEDO cuts 10% from the total price you get for your domain name.


Godaddy, which is the rank#1 domain registrar also Provides a platform to sell your domain name online. They also Provides a good bidders for your domain name. You may sell the domain name from the desired keyword of your domain. If you provide a High Quality Keyword for your domain name, you will get more bids and hence will increase your Earnings.


Flippa the most active site to buy and sell domains online and make more money.You can also list your domain name their to earn money by selling your domain name.

4. eBay.Com

You Can sell Your Domain name on eBay too. eBay Permits to sell domain name on their biggest e-Auction website. Many People around the globe are earning a lot from Domain Marketing on eBay.


There are thousands of Forums on Which you can Sell your Domain Names. I’m Providing Some Popular online Forums Below:
1. DigitalPoint Forum
2. Nameslot
2. Domain Social Forum

That’s all. Please fill the comment box to share your Views. Thanking You

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


After a Long Period of Time I'm again Coming with an exclusive VPN trick of AIRCEL Which Works fine on Many States. Working Confirmed on Delhi,Mumbai,M.P, Haryana as said by our Clients. This Will Not Work On Assam and North East India Including Bengal.


  • Based On TCP Protocol
  • No Disconnection Problem
  • Great Speed
  • Minimum Balance Of Rs. 1 should maintain to connect Internet
  • No Speed Capping


  • First Of all Download NMD VPN from the Mediafire Link Below and run it as administrator
                                  DOWNLOAD NMD VPN HERE

  •  Then Download the Config files from the link Below:

  • Now extract the files and paste the files C:/Programe Files/NMD/Config 
  • Done..!! Now Connect the Internet using aircelweb or aircelwap
  • Then Open the NMD VPN and Connect. Enjoy..
  •   Try on your states and Comment Below.


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Airtel VPN tricks for March 2013

This trick is working only on the states where TCP port is open. So know Whether TCP port is Open or not before using the Trick.

Features of the Trick:
  • Based on TCP
  • High Speed Proxy
  • HTTPS supported
  • Working on Block Sim also
  • No Disconnection (If arise use Pinger)
  • Use NMD VPN
  • And Lastly, It Works On 0 balance.

Steps To Connect: 
  •  First Download NMD VPN Here (if you don't have) and Install.
  • Then Download the Config file Here.
  • Extract the files and paste the files on C:/program files/nmd/config
  • Then Connect the internet with the access point -
  • Open NMD VPN and Connect. 
  • This will connect instantly.

Note: Again I'm telling that this trick is working on those states where TCP port is open. Not working on West Bengal. So don't try it.



Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Airtel CallerTune Trick- February 2013. Working Confirmed..!!!

This is a special trick from TheXtremeTips which is Working almost all states. Try it..!! There are Two tricks. Try any one of these tricks:

Steps to to get Free Airtel Callertune:

Trick- I:

  • Dial 543211888 and Activate Callertune for 1 month.
  • Then Dial 5787881. Activate a new song for 3 months and Enjoy..!!

  • Dial 543211888 and Activate Callertune.
  • Then Again Deactivate by dialing 543211808 or call *678# and Enjoy..

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Add a Cute Flying Twitter Bird Widget To Blogger

              Today I’m going to show you “How to add the Cute Animated Twitter Bird To Blogger”. You might have seen the Twitter Bird Flying all over my Blog; and it’s really Cool. Right?? So if you want it I will show you how I Put the Twitter Bird on my blog. With the Twitter's worldwide popularity it has become a compulsory job for every web master to use twitter sharing buttons and its applications as much on his blog as possible.This lets users to easily  tweet our blogs and websites which thereby generates traffic for us in return. 

Screenshot of the cool Flying Twitter Bird Widget:

Flying twitter bird 

Now, in order to add this widget follow my below steps exactly as I describe:

  • First go to Template –> Edit HTML –> Proceed
  • Now search for </body>
                                 [Tip: Use Ctrl+F to find]
  • Then Copy the Following Piece of Code and Paste the Code right After the </body>

<!-- Twitter Bird start TheXtremeTips --> <script src=' twitter bird.js' type='text/javascript'>
</script> <script type='text/javascript'> var twitterAccount = "Add your Twitter name here"; var tweetThisText = " <data:blog.pageTitle/>: <data:blog.url/> "; tripleflapInit(); </script> <span style='font-size:11px;position:absolute;'/><a href='' target='_blank'>Twitter Bird Gadget</a> <!-- Twitter Bird end -->

  • Now Replace Add your Twitter name here With your Twitter ID
  • Then Click ‘Save Template’ and you are done
  • View your Blog to see it flying. Smile Happy Blogging..!!!

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Twitter Bird Gadget